Monday, October 18, 2010

pretty girls!

zooey dischanel [ hope i didnt get her name wrong ]

anws, i suddenly posted her photos cuz i watched 500 days of summer last night again. HAHA
i don know why i had the urge to but i just did and my lil bro watched it with me.
maybe it wasnt the smartest idea to watch that show again but AHHHH, she's so pretty!
and im stalking pretty girls on fb now.
melia showed me her pri sch friend that she used to go lesbian for. WOOPS, maybe im not supposed to say that but heck, i would too!!
she's seriously gorgeous like hell. she's pure chi but wth, she's freaking beautiful!!!
nah, i like to stalk pretty girls.

my mum and eld brother are at chong pang having dinner.
i was supposed to meet them but i was too lazy to go there and too mentally and physically tired. hahaha
i think my lil brother went out for a date today
yesterday he asked me how to walk to cine cuz both he and the girl didnt know how to.
hope he found the place
oh, it's their sch's marking day today, so they're free. lol
him: yknow why i bring her go cathay watch movie last time?
me: huh. why?
him: cuz the cinema there have couple seat
me: OH MY GOSHHHH [ freak out in my mind ]
ok, maybe not that bad but aiya, you get the idea.
i thought he wanted to be some playboy shit but i guess when it comes to someone he really likes, he's willing to change. i know he liked this girl for freaking long alr. HAHA.
kinda sweet i guess.

oh right, today we had this SEL workshop thing
we all thought it was gonna be a drag and all but NO! our speaker was hilarious!
she's super cute! she's damn loud and unglam hence making her super funny.
she kept acting out her own scene. HAHAHA. that's what i do before i bathe or when im in my room alone. i know, im weird. i've heard that a million times. HAHA
and whatever she said today made so much sense
it helps in like having better relationships with others, getting more food from food stall aunties, promoted more easily. it's all EQ. my mum has been er.... emphasizing on the importance of EQ since young. lol.

her stories are so fun
she told us bout some boy eating his own shit when he was p6 and it was absolutely disgusting. hahhaa
and this guy still say spread it on bread and all, like nutella.
thanks arh, i had nutella that morning.
she said love is made up of 3 neuro-chemicals. [ im doing this with the notebook beside me. lol. ]
and ppl stop loving someone because one of it is decreasing and it's not enough for the relationship to sustain. this also applies for friendship.
and she added that when a relationship does not last, it's because your friends might have different values from you and you have to work around it for it to last.
and it makes so much sense. it becomes really clear to me.
but it also gives me other thoughts that i just wanna discard actually. will only make me feel confused.
see, that's why im mentally tired. hahaa jk luh
i just kept telling sophy 'it's true! it's true!' throughout the workshop
it was so enjoyable. =] I LOVED IT AND THE SPEAKER. was like a breath of fresh air - KSL
but for the second one where we had it in LT4, i slept. it was good. HEH HEH.

oh right, i went cycling for an hour or so yesterday and my ass hurts now. it feels quite sore i think.
hahahha. LOSER.

oh right, i've never really talked about this madman we have living in the same block on level 14.
i saw him just now. LOL
aiya, madman is his REAL nickname
we all call him that and ppl will know who we're talking about. LOL
he's just weird luhhh.... if i have the time, i'll elaborate on why he's weird. HAHA
but we hardly see him these few years so it's better. (y)

okay, i'll wait awhile longer and see how. hahaha

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