Sunday, October 17, 2010

PEEL BABY [ yeah, my face ]

HAHAHHA. im gonna get a pair of free movie tickets cuz i went to redeem some points from sloggi. yes! im a member!=] hahah
they say they'll contact me shortly but i have no idea how.... hhaha

i pasted that golden pretty thing there today. =]]]] it came from this wrapping of a bar of soap from another country.
my new ear piece! actually, it's exactly the same as my previous one, except for the colour. LOL. and wtb, the white one is 1 buck more ex. -_-
haha, the uncle did not tear this ticket stub. think he didnt even count properly and just let all of us in.
i wanted to go jogging but i don feel like. so tiring. hahaha
maybe i should cycle instead.
im gonna open a stall at some flea market i think.
don know when and if im really doing it though
need to wait for more info from sophy.
so if i am, go down to where ever the flea market is and support me=]
quite exciting! i prolly take some of my brother's clothes too so guys can go down and take a look too=]

my mum has been buying some facial scrub thing.
yknow the green tea marvel gel?
i have so much dead skin cuz i have a sun burn. just in time to buy that.
oh but my nose is still peeling a little

anws! good luck to those taking their 0's soon! go for AC's open house next year. HAHAHA

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