Saturday, October 30, 2010

pac man

i went to pay respects to my ah gong this morning
i pasted stickers on his ___[ idk what it's called. erm, stone that has carvings on it? i don think tomb is suitable though ]
and i koped some to paste on my mp4 and phone=]
hiak hiak
after that, we went to ghim moh for lunch
yummeh. the chendol was so awesome!
tandas girls! we can go ghim moh for good desserts. and it's so near school! hahah
after that, went to school to study chi with melia, sfbb and anette.
was okayish productive luh. hahaha

oh and i went to gym on fri and the area near my pits are aching. sk says i lifted the weights wrongly. -_- bad trainer. HAHAHHA. jk jk

amelia, vanow, me
with anette and josh and 20 piece nuggets. the day i went for facial. was at heeren macs
josh is crazy. he keeps eating nonstop!
ahhh, damn pig. i see the way he eats, i also feel scared. hahah
his fav phase after sch is 'who's up for 20 piece nugget' -_-

oh and the guys fav phase now is 'what a player'
hahaha. even if it's nothing to do with being a player, they'll just say that. hahah. damn random!
im learning from them
i remember i wanted to be a guy last time cuz when i hear my big brother saying all the stories about how him and his friends play, i was quite envious. lol
i think.... i'll stick to being a girl. lol
chi chi chi!!
i hope i'll get a. sighhh

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