Monday, October 25, 2010


omgosh!! have been like watching hip hop dance for inspiration for open house dance with josh
came up with a few ideas alr
EXCITED!! our songs rock! hahaha
and we learnt the zaki part of our open house dance
so sexy (y) HAHAHA

anws! i've to like go to bed soon but i wanna talk about nike race first. hahaha
so met the guys at cityhall around 9 and we walked to singapore flyer
i felt quite loner luh, all guy topics. pfffs.
and i looked like a pimpette with all the guys. UGHHH.
ahahhaa, bt sophy and vanow joined us later
i got starbucks coffee! it really works i tell you. i didnt sleep till the end of race for like 20 mins.
yupyup, so we got deployed to the flyer area
i got quite a few business. hahaha. means ppl asking me where the starting point is.
quite fun luh but the wait at the start was boring
luckily they played the INCREDIBLES. cute and funny. ahhh, love that show.
oh before that, some of us went to the seats to talk about ghost stories. HAHA
i was tearing idk why. i just suddenly felt damn scared.
how arh, im supposed to watch paranormal activities 2 this weekend...
hahah nvm

our tee shirts!
nicholas. guy that deployed me jy and sharon to our place.

KAYYY. i came home
did my script for pw
went to bed at 3pm
i thought i would take some nap and all but no, i slept till 6.
not pm, AM.
my mum say my brother tried to wake me up for dinner but i just gave him a noise
i must be really tired.
and i woke up this morning and i was like SHIT.
i never brush teeth never bathe. SO DIRTY!
so i decided to skip chapel so i can bathe. hahah
oh but wow, it had to rain
my socks were like wet ttm and i went to ask for plastic bag from the canteen auntie. haha.

oh right! op prelims today=]
I NEED TO SLOW DOWN. but i have a pleasent voice! hahaha. our slides were really good. yay.
im going to print my WR 2moro. sigh. need moolahhhh

bogay ah peh. HAHAA. it's chocolate
after dance, BOMB SHELL.
i guess i was just shock, still in shock but i'll get over it soon.(y)
love you guys much
thanks for telling me, i think that's better. yup=]
and dw, hahhaa, ive no lack of suitors too k. HAHAA

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