Monday, October 11, 2010

kay, im quite tired now from maid and i have a chalet 2moro
so i'll blog bout it when i come back from the chalet
might be going down to melia's house for movie marathon after my chalet on wed but see how first! might be too tired. hahah
must train my bridge skills!
i forgot if i've said alr but for the interclass games, im playing bridge! HAHA
im the captain=] muaha

kay nvm, everyone laughs when i say that. izzit that unbelievable??
bridge is how fun pls... HAHAHA.

photos from pw. HAHA

sam edited this-_-
and the yog ucc time

time to pack my bag. HAHAA
oh man, i feel like talking bout maid but
i'll keep the details till later luh. LOL. veryy successful=]

okay before i go off
i think some of you alr guessed it so i'll just say it luh
i just broke up
it was mutual and it's what we both needed i guess.
and it wasnt a r/s where i could be really public about it cuz of various reasons so was quite sad cuz i had to watch what i said and do. sometimes i just ignore though. aiya, just wrong timing and impulsive decisions.
so yup, no point continuing a r/s that's empty.=]

my dad just came and ask if 90 [ ninety ] has an 'e' in it.
omgosh, i guess that's normal when you're that age. HAHAHA
and it has been damn warm recently! ahhh
i need my aircon!!
kay, i shall go pack my bagg!!

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