Saturday, October 9, 2010


haha, go take your time to figure what that is
anws, met my babies at bugis again. hahaha. our old hang out place and xiu's second home
and we took neo prints again! woohoo. hahaha

aiya, im too lazy to blog bout what we did but we ended up at xiu's house dancing and watching movies=]]
oh ya, danny joined us=]]]

we ordered macs for dinner cuz we were too lazy to go out like we planned to
anws, danny was supposed to come and go rent cds with us but we realized it's too early to rent today. hahaha. movie marathon's on wed. so he came for nothing.
we watched a little of fame a little of step up and a little of bailamos. LOL
oh yes! a little of HIMYM!=]]

i swear only both of them can take my nonsense. or immune to it alr.
i really say whatever i like to say to them. HAHAH
personal things. omgosh.

kaythxbye. LOL

p.s: my phone's vibration's back!

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