Sunday, October 10, 2010


kay im blogging again cuz it's after promos and i have a lot of time to spend. hahaa
and yeah, i packed my room just now... kinda, so im back to the com.

just came back from meeting sophy=]
we sat at starbucks for a long while before going shopping at cotton on
my mum say i can spend at her expense so i really spent a lot
actually, girls are lucky if they like to shop
they get to feel better after shopping. it's easy
i bought a pair of shoes, dress and a sweater
i told sophy the sweaters they're selling resembles my ah ma sweater
it's trendy!
those who know what sweater i bring to sch [ the green or the pink one ] lol, i bought an olive green one

more photos from lct=]

me looking at my erm, armgina fats. (y)

in xiu xiu's room

haha vic
meeting dancers for a small party 2moro. haha
gonna cook for the guys. stupid
that's why i name that event, maid
kay, im going to bathe and watch tv and... yeah, sleep. haha

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