Tuesday, October 19, 2010


im over the super pretty girl alr. HAHHAA
but maybe when i see more of her photos then i will start again.
ANWS! more photos from maid.


sk looks like ah beng here. HAHA

richard baby!
OKAY, the torture of pw started today
we were quite hopeful for our wr and we were looking at her and pointing to our project
she just said this: yours is very bad.
all of us were just stunned. like wteff, we spent so much time on it and i thought ours was quite good eh.
so for like 20 min, all of us just felt damn depressed and kept quiet.
when mdm was finally free, we asked her what is wrong with our wr
she didnt exactly read it in the first place so she ended off with: okay luh, it's not bad.
i think it's also because she saw all our depressed face. haha
kayyy time to pw again. LOL.

anws, if i have it now, it'll be useless also.. unless something luh. HAHA
i hope we'll have dance camp *cross fingers

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