Friday, October 29, 2010


i have a balaku on my elbow, on my arm, on my knee and i think there's a invisible one on my side butt. hahaha
chi a next mon.
these few days, i totally lost my mood to study.
i will study 2moro. that's what i always tell myself but never happens!
i wanted to study like now? but look, im here. haha
and i think im too tired to study alr

i gymmed today! with sk and josh
but i was also teaching joan the dance steps
im gonna have a hot body under sk's training! hahahaa
kidding kidding
i feel a little stronger
hahaha, but nah, i don wanna have big arms. haha
oh we watched the exorcism after that
if you want something scary, don go watch that
i mean it scares you a tincy weeny bit but it's useless! hahha
i think you should watch paranormal activities 2 instead. confirm better (y)
kayyyyy cannot tahan. im going to conk out alr
but my hair's still wet..... hate it
kay, blow dry then sleep. yes!

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