Sunday, October 31, 2010

hold me, then kiss me

haha, some photos we snapped during studio clean up [ sk looking good. hahah. ]
SHAO!! messing around with pretty cloths
josh might get jealous. haha
i think they're going to show vampire diaries on tv soon. lol
hoot. [ vanow taught me this korean word ]

2moro's chi a. doesnt really feel like it.
i feel damn sian studying
cant wait to get it over and done with
print my pw shirt and then join them at settlers cafe! woohoo
after gyming, we were playing idiot snap.
sk's really bad at that. HAHAHAA. and it's hilarious playing with them.

omgosh, i just realized i haven spelt tomorrow for so long
i always spell as 2moro. HAHAA
okay random

and i don have my specs, they're with sebby.
i feel so blind
im supposed to meet him today to get it but i was too lazy to text him about it. lol
UGHH. hope he goes to school 2moro
im getting a headache alr

oh who watches personal taste! that korean drama
ahhhhh. i didnt get to watch it last week cuz of nike race but i manage to watch it yesterday! woohoo! hahaha. so sweet!
i'll believe that kind of guy exists in this world. hahaha. omgosh, and that girl's damn cute. hahha.

kay, time for harry potter then dinner then procrastinate. boo
tangled up.

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