Saturday, October 16, 2010

go on girl

im busy looking at all the hot models in this video. HAHAA.
there's this antm model inside!! jade! i saw her in singapore before. so hawt.

sebby and nick

this was meant for sk. HAHA

i always have this annoying pain in my stomach when i eat too full at night
and i didnt learn from my mistake. HAHA
and i start to burp a lot
who ask my mum to bring us to sakae to eat
spent so much luh, i feel so bad. sigh
and i bought like two ear piece today cuz the first one we bought had sucky sound quality.
philips ear pieces are good =]
and we spent like 100 plus in watson too. WTBONG. WATSON LEHHHH
hahhahaha. i feel like earning money to pay her back

anws, i didnt stay home the whole day today =]
my mum called around 3 plus and i went to sim lim square to meet her. HAHA
then walked around bugis for awhile but didnt get anything.
only got some stuff when i came back to sun plaza. -_- hahaha

omgosh, i've got so many music videos to watch. HAHAHA.
im watching neyo's and mariah carey's videos now.

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