Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby loves to dance in the dark

hahahah. can you see what's wrong with this photo? i was photoshopped in. HAHAHA. so cute. not me, but that intention. HAHA
anws, i went for facial yesterday again and it was FREAKING PAINFUL!!
if i had that at home, i'll be howling, kay maybe not, but screaming and shouting, making damn a lot of noise.
but so paiseh to say OUCH when they squeeze for you so i just kept quiet
i cried. hahaha. was damn painful!!
and i think some parts are bruised. it's like dark purple and it hurts when i press it.
hahhaa. kay TMI!
yup, and i HATE HATE HATE HATE post facials.
cuz my face would be like red from all that squeezing.
and it's like i have major rashes all over my face

it's intense pw and chi now!
i need my sleep
the nike race thing is this weekend!
so yeah, it kinda means my sleep would be MAJORLY disrupted
need to meet there at 12 midnight and it end at 12 noon.
i just learnt how to dl songs. HAHAHA
loser yes thanks.
i wanna sing christmas carols.

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