Wednesday, October 13, 2010


a video i made for the maid event=]

i just got back from my chalet. omgosh HAHAHA.
it was good i must say.
we played soccer and i swear i discover my talent in soccer that day. LOL
it's so much easier to play soccer barefooted!
oh but the floor was freaking hot and we all had blisters at the end.
and one side of my slippers broke. booo

yep and after the game, everyone went back to put plaster and all but mine didnt burst so i didnt want to waste the plaster. we just all walked awkwardly. HAHHAA
after that, we started to prepare for our big game
credits to the guys for organizing such a crazy game
seriously, team a versus team b.
and we could use whatever ammo we wanted
ours was oil plus water plus soap. so it was bit like an oxymoron to put soap and oil together.
but we filled up the water guns with soya sauce. HAHA
and i was in charge of throwing flour + the snake powder [ hot ] at them
but stupid sam stole my plastic bag and wanted to pour it on me. PFFFS.
but the game was fun. the other side has like some weird dark sauce, fish and it just smells FREAKING GROSS.
we all stank like shit in the end and sat in the sea. AHHAHA
then cleared the place up and rinse ourselves at the shower near the pool before going back to start fire for BBQ. (y)
okay the normal stufff, food was good=]
let's skip to the games part
was training my bridge skills with sam under the teachings of lynn and remy. hahha
and we played monopoly after that
i was a freaking loser!!
i went into jail 3 times
only passed the 'go' once
and i bankrupted the first.-_-
so in the end, we all sat down to watch movie
OMGOSH, carmina's movie.. not another teen movie
it's funny in the sick and sexual way.
then we watched final destination. LOL
slept around 4 plus i think and there was really no space at all, so some of us slept in the living room. i shared the sofa with sophy but i cannot sleep in cramp areas

so in the end, i just took the cushion and went to the floor to sleep.
some ppl went out for walks and they saw a freaking shooting star. hahah
and er... stole sam's towel. actually i heard him saying 'shuzhen stole my blanket' but i was too tired and cold to wake up and give him. hahah. sorry

so yea next day!!
im still one-sided barefoot and we were walking to the main road to flag a cab cuz we missed the stupid shuttle bus that'll only come in the next hour or so
so in order to protect my feet, we came up with this genius plan
use a pad. HAHAAHHA
omgosh, it rocks
it sticks on well and it's comfy. LOLoh anws, we also hitched a ride from this guy cuz vanow was anyhow putting her hand up and the car just stopped in front of us. lol. and it was really ulu there so yupour first time doing such a thing.
omgosh, let's continue my pad story
i wore it all the way to PS.ARGHHH, it's really embarrassing when ppl look down at my feet. i just hope they think it's like tissue or something. hahaha
i quickly walk to ripples and got a new pair of slippers. yay.
was so happy to tear off the pad. HAHAHA
yep, we went to swensons after that and then to orchard central again
glad to be home again.

so bout the maid event!
we met at tanglin mall in the morning to buy all the stuff
omgosh, they took so long to decide what they want. ahahhaha
and i was sooo hungry
finally we got out from there and went to anette's house!
and we started cooking
ahhh, it's so fun to cook with your friends. hahha
we had like this peach tuna mix thing that melia suggested. HAHHA. not bad arh
and the food turned out really good!
they say friends bond the best over meals cuz food is communal
HAHHAA. the lunch was really good.
after that, we watched little miss sunshine. =]
funny show. ahhahaa.
i think we were all a little tired by then alr. we left anette's house around 5 or 6 i think and went to ion for dinner

i think this girl is damn pretty!

ughh, having cramps. supposedly to go down to melia's place for movie marathon today but was too lazy to travel there and my cramps was the other factor
i HATEEE this kind of discomfort.
okay, time to bathe, watch tv, get a good sleep tonight and get ready for AC games 2moro!
i seriously don know how my class is going to play cuz they're all suffering from blisters =[

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