Saturday, October 23, 2010

ah choo.. owwwww

yeah, the ow has to come after i sneeze
dance yesterday was like ho ho, time to stretch some limbs
i think maybe cuz i drank too much water before dance
and why? cuz we were playing german bridge and cheat and the loser has to drink water
and it's like 600ml i had to drink?! hahahaha
was fun though
i won during the cheat game but lost for cheat. SIGH. hahahha
yeah anws, i was shaking during the ms wee warm up
and i felt like puking.. ughhh.
oh and yesterday, i just felt lousy at dance. idk why, so depressing
ms wee says we need to go do outside activites to train our body as a dancer so yes!!
i need to find gym dates and run more often.(y)
went out for dinner with the dancers after plus mum, wc, sebby and kellie=]
sk created a game on the spot about some straw game and we believed him. hahaha
it was fun though and i won! i think sebby snapped some really ugly photos of us [ laura me and mum ] trying to do it.
going for the nike race thing later
hope it doesnt rain luh. wts...
and i hope there'll be time to nap too=]]

i wanted to go play rockband with sk, josh and keefe today but..
first: i was afraid my mum would scold me for going out cuz i was super over curfew last night
second: i woke up and no one else was home. so i decided to acc my mum instead.
well, she did mini facial for me so i guess it's okay. AHAHA
but er... give me some more time...
maybe after 3 sisters when you and keefey are more free yknow. haha

my buttcheeks hurt when i walk
my muscles are aching major.

idk why im posting korean videos . HAHAH


omgosh, he looks damn cute when he smiles w/o his teeth and then sticks out his tongue after that. haha [actually, i think most guys look cute when they do that...]

ohmygosh.... love the way he moves his BODEHHHH. hahahha

kay, time to do up my script for OP.
idk why but i feel a slight angst inside. pfffs.

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