Friday, October 15, 2010

accept one's care for you

ac games


1sd1!!!! yayyyyy. first for floorball!!=]]
more photos from chalet

team b!
watching final destination. haha
i ponned sch today =/ and im going for detention next week. HAHA
crap. and im sunburnt. actually everyone is and it's so cute!
hahah. they look drunk.
mum's kinda mad now.
i've no date during this weekend! supposedly to have but hahaha, didnt really plan so don have.
so i guess i'll just stay home and slack my ass off (y)

oh right, i broke my name tag. BOO
i was playing with it in the train and the next minute, one part [ with the cgs crest ] fell off. =[
okay well, at least my name is still in tack. LOL

watched the other guy today.
i didnt really understand the storyline but i guess the main point is the lameness and humor in the show. HAHA. i guess just go watch it if you need a break or something. there's will ferrel in it so it'll be funny
but i didnt laugh a lot actually. haha idk, aiya, my classmates laughed a lot but it wasnt really funny to me so i guess it depends.

and wts, i was listening to some old sentimental hits on youtube. WEIRDDDDD.
cuz i wanted to search for the video of this song we danced to but ended up clicking on other videos. lol

kayyyy, my eyes are still bloodshot, godknowswhy.
screw my contacts. PFFFS
good night and be safe=]

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