Monday, September 13, 2010

you can be the writer

sup, i had insomnia last night. crap. i thought i would have a long night the night before but nope, was last night. but woah, im pretty amazed cuz i wasnt feeling sleepy today. didnt even sleep at chapel.
but no no, it's bad to sleep late. for me at least. when i sleep late, means bigger B___J and more stars.

oh but last last night, though it wasnt really a good one either, i dreamt i had 2 freaking scholarships!! i was super happy but i woke up and realize it's not tangible. PFFFS.
but... does that mean i wanna go overseas to study? idk, but i was really happy in my dream and i was finding my phone trying to call my mum and text someone but i woke up before i managed to do that.

vanow has a new hair cut and she was really devastated. HAHA. but she alr went back to get it fix so we'll see how 2moro. and yknow what cost her bad hair cut? her inability to understand chinese. HAHAHA. the hairdresser spoke to her in chi and she couldnt understand so it didnt turn out the way she wanted to. she best.

and there'll be free dinner provided by the parents at 6pm everyday starting from today.
wheee, maybe i'll stay back on fri or whenever i feel like and jew some awesome dinner=]

oh yes, my "class" dinner at adam's food centre. so hard to get there ughh
sophy and vanow
we walked to island cremary after

kay, i hope i can sleep properly today(y)


David Savelberg said...

i know this is little random :S lol but i was surfing through some blogs and i happened to read this post, and i couldnt help but laugh when you spoke of the dream and how real it was, obviously not in an insulting tone but because that happens to me a lot haha.

Seet Shu Zhen said...

hahaha! yup! it happens way too often for me actually. i always get these kind of weird dreams. =]