Monday, September 6, 2010

sun blocked. (good one josh)

met kez coincidentally at vivo on sat!
me and ss were smiling at this little toddler girl and suddenly this woman appeared in front of me laughing her ass off as usual. AHHAHA
i asked her why was she laughing so much and she said she's laughing cuz i was looking at the toddler-_-. AHHAHAHA. but i always seem to see her at vivo! like my first class outing, i saw her with her class. and this time, i saw her with her bf. AHAHHA
i had a picnic session with ss on sat.=]
went to keppel island
his very first picnic session. yes i've got his first. HAHA
but it got kinda VERY hot around 1 plus i think. cant really remember.. so we walked back to vivo and sat at starbucks for a long time.=]]]]
i swear im gonna mature even more quickly.
but we got lost of time and rushed to cityhall cuz he wanted to get a hard disk from the PC show but my mum called at that moment and =[ i had to go. aiya long story, ss knows can alr. lol.

more photos from the fondue party=]

kay, study plan failed terribly today
im exciteddddd
for idk what
i just am
haaha. see told you so, im like feeling so different from my previous post after a few hours.
is this bipolar? shoots

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