Tuesday, September 14, 2010


class photos (y)

this photo looks segregated. HAHA.

kay yeah
stayed back in sch for the free dinner. but aiya, wasnt exactly productive
or maybe it was just today. felt super sleepy.

my mum told me to untag all my photos on fb. HAHA. wts. it'll take a long long time.
maybe to reduce the rate of the phots increasing on my fb, i shall not tag myself. yup.

and ughhh, im so idiotic. cannot stand you seet shu zhen. pfffs
stop doing that you retard.
yeah, that was a monologue (y)
crap, now i feel like there's nothing. im so disappointed AHHHH.
you don have to get what im saying now.

i need to bathe and do some work
finally sending sakura costumes for laundry 2moro!

p.s: i kinda understand everything and why now. YESSSS

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