Friday, September 3, 2010

STEP UP 3!!!!

sk and laura knows best cuz they sat beside me. AHAHHAHAHA
sorry, i got too carried away and thought i was actually there watching them dance
it's mega nice luhhhhh. ahhhhhhh. so happy i watched that. AHAHA

okay rewind! sakura dance in the morning!
we ourselves thought we did quite a few mistakes but when i went out, my classmates all said it was nice!! hahahaha, yayeeee. so we're very very happy
ended off our last sakura on an awesome note!

went to hv for lunch with the dancers before dance started
homgosh, we spent so long at subway cuz there was only one auntie and she's freaking slow!!!
and it was super hot, air con spoilt. sucks ttm!
so we just ended up dozing off a bit. HAHAHA
dance was crazy!! ahhaha. muscles will definitely ache 2moro.
it's like, i don look FORWARD to tech class cuz i think of all the pain but like after tech class, it just feels awesome to have been through all that.

yup! pinic-ing 2moro! woohoo=]]]]
kay! i shall go sleep alr then!
but must blow dry my hair first.

oh let me tell you, vanow is a destroyer. AHHAHA. everything under her spoils so easily
she burnt a bicycle before, spoilt a hair dryer cuz her hair got stuck inside, her wallet's dying, her bag died, her phone cover's dying, her shoes, her everything!!
so i suggested an experiment
we all get something and see who's thing spoils the fastest

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