Friday, September 17, 2010

spiky green ball

next wave group shot
SO! today was pretty awkward...
and i was complaining to amelia during geog lecture about how ___ we (not me and melia) can get and i hate ittttttt. like it's so not fun. lol
exciting day 2moro. hahha. not for me though. =p woohoo, soooooooo excited ahhh
stayed back for the free dinner today again(y)
but i came home and my dad cooked maggie mee and it just smelt so good and he left half a bowl so ya..... yknow what happened next.

oh right! i dreamt that me and anette were making out last night
yeah be disturbed. HAHAA. i seriously did not fantasize kay, i have no idea why it was even in my dream. LOL. josh said it's not funny. HAHAA. prolly jealous huh. LOL

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