Tuesday, September 7, 2010


OMGOSH. i swear im retarded. cuz of the things i think of. it's insane.
i was thinking, IF i ever have a stalker, that person's gonna have so much fun luh!
i have like 4000+++ going to 5000 photos on fb and this stupid blog and stupid videos on youtube. FREAK. my stalker's gonna die looking at everything. HAHAHAHA.
i was like browsing through my photos on fb and here are some of the retarded ones i found.

national day and us being MJ at the back of the hall. my specs broke that day cuz we were all jumping about and it got stepped on. LOL.
keziah's birthday at changi airport
i was always sweeping my classroom when i was sec 4. HAHA. look at the concentration
racial harmony.
pq's birthday at sentosa
and i found a few photos where i was applying my lip balm. HAHA. a few!!
omgosh, i miss having dian there taking all the random candid photos. HAHHA
and i miss having a classroom!!
a classroom where we can hang out in and decorate and do all kinds of crazy things in it
i remember every friday after school, we'll stay back and start doing retarded things.
acting [ ahhh, i miss acting for fun A LOT. there's no pei qi there to act with me ] lip syncing [ i still do it sometimes but no one's there to laugh at me like last time ] HAHAH

oh and it really FREAKS me out that we do such similar things. it's crazyyyyyyy.
yknow how it's cool to sometimes say the same things as others or like have the same idea
but sometimes, it's just uncool. too much of it is uncool!!

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