Sunday, September 12, 2010


it was really abstract. lol
i couldnt really get the first 2 dances but i really enjoyed the others. (y)
mdm lim really looked like a little girl off stage, so small size

at xin wang taiwan cafe. food sucked haha.
i'll treat you to dinner another time=/ lol
mdm lim=]

sup, imma ride a bike. nah, my dad will kill me. though he himself rides a bike, he don like us to or any of our future half. lol

my terrible eye bags/b____t. teehee

in josh's car. anette keefe mua
some photos from our cleaning spree(y)

yay, love our CLEANNNN studio now.

yuck school's starting again.
i don feel prepared for it at all.
not in terms of sch work but in terms of mood. i just don have the mood to want to go to sch
it suddenly feels pointless to me. sigh.
nvm! erm, another month plus till promos are over.
but why arent i looking forward to that.

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