Saturday, September 18, 2010

my pw group leader is so cute!

no no, im not my pw group's leader luh
hahaha! she's so small size and she's super lame! omgosh, she's funny.
reminds me of keziah. i kept saying she was cute last year. im gonna freak jiaying out. HAHA
she thinks the tandas girls are very weird. HAHAHAHA.

here are some old pw photos taken from jy's lappy

it says P.W

i just ran. lol. but nah, it's nothing, damn short while. like i just needed to get my bum out of my house.
tsk, my dad just asked me if i wanna go to the nearby coffee shop for dinner
i said buy back for me cuz i just ran and i stink
he said: ni ben lai jiu hen chou. [ you are originally smelly alr what ]
wow thanks dad. PFFFS
hahaaha nvm, he's damn bull luh.

all i did today was erm.... zuo wen. damn shitty.
oh and i was watching some of the videos i made last year. AHAHHAA
so narcissistic.(y)
and i have so many videos that i did not upload! like 3g1's fusion dance, they are all in my phone! oh man, i'll have to find some time to upload them=]
kay, really stink, gtg bathe=]]]]

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