Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mr. butterfly

today feels like a saturday
i don feel like doing my hw cuz it feels like there's no sch 2moro. hahaha. crap, gg.
i didnt do any work today
im super lousy luh. sucker

ss came to my house in the morning
tweezed his eyebrow (y)
HAHA. he finally shaved
met him last fri in sch and he was so hairy
he said something like "if you pluck hair, it's bad luck"
hahaha. sure thing. anyhoo, we went out for prata after that.
casuarina! we said the same thing while taking the bus there. HAHAHA.
i mean like cuz we went there during june hols and i commented bout something and i commented bout the same thing again cuz i forgot i commented bout it alr.
but anws! the prata was good. breakfast was nice=]
thanks again ss=]

and after that!!!!!!!!!! FONDUE PARTY WITH TANDAS GIRLSSS
we met at vivo first to buy the stuff
oh we met you zhuan too.
and after shopping, took 2 buses to ulu sophy's house
HAHAA. more ulu than mine eh!! but very peaceful, i like=]

this is her dog.YUKI BABY!
we were cutting fruits and all
damn fun! HAHAHA
we should have some cooking date some day
vanow can cook for us=]]
i wanted to cook a scramble egg. AAHHAH
but anws, yeah the chocolate fondue was damnnnn good

proof. my black teeth. HAHAHA
cutting fruits
SEE THAT!!! hahha. awesome shit right. the chocolate made us high after that
vanow! she has ginormous eyes luh.
pretty photo
and spastic photos

damn sweet!
we took alot of retarded videos too omgosh. AHHAHA
i've compiled them and will upload it 2moro
im supposed to do hw now but i really don feel like doing=[

omgosh right!! vanow stepped on yuki's shit. BAAHAHHAHA.
luckily she was still wearing her socks then. but she threw her socks away alr.

KAYYY. my stomach's aching idk why
oh when we took a bus back to town
vanow made me watch her snsd thingum. AHHAHA
and i had motion sickness
terrible feeling!! wanted to puke and faint
and the train was freaking squeezy somemore
but oh, i still managed to finish my dinner. hahaha. needed some savory to balance out the sweet


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