Monday, September 20, 2010

just the way you are

yeah yeah. this is an awesome pawsome song. =]]]]]]]]]
waited for this video to come out don know since when.
the girl's hot. hahaha. she acted in tokyo drift.

i cant wait to eat the mooncake's that sitting on my kitchen table.(Y)

i just did something i've been thinking about for quite some time cuz A's no longer impt
and i guess it's nothing much actually. idk why but i still kinda not like A as a person. i hope A no longer reads my blog though, if not wtbong, i still wont care luh. HAHAHA
pffs, but forgive and forget was today's chapel thingum.
i should let go of all the past grudges. actually, i think i have but there's nothing wrong still disliking a person right. haha. aiks!
you all prolly wont know who A is unless you're a friend from crescent. haha, but A's not from crescent. kay too many hints!=]

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