Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's weird how my mind comes up with the weirdest thoughts

everytime when im walking home at night, and i see this male stranger walking in the same direction, i would naturally become more alert and think of 'what if's'
what if he goes into the same lift as me
what if he does something to me
what if....
hahaha, but my what if's never came true so it's good

and when im standing on the mrt platform
i think of...
what if someone falls in now
what if i suddenly faint and fall in, will i have enough time to climb out?
what if i fall in but hide at the side like the movies, will i survive?
lol yeah, that's what going through my mind sometimes

and sigh! why am i such as easy target to bully
i don mind but when everyone does it, i just feel really useless.
sometimes i wonder if im really stupid
i find it funny when ppl tease me bout my thinking capabilities
but i guess it'll be nice to know that i do have a brain now and then and i use it.
yknow, i also thought of...
what if im actually a super thinker but i act like im not. it'll be like pwning everyone!

but anyhow! stayed back today till pretty late with josh to study
improvement! he has reduced his disturbance level. im proud of him
there was no free dinner today! wtb, but tim and sk went out to da bao butter chicken. woohoo=]]
and yeah tim, we're forming a single bond. hahaha
pls do not form a giant molecular structure though. stick to ionic =]]

study break starts 2moro but im going back to school for phys consult
imma bed now!

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