Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i get chapped lips easily

hahaha, yeah that photo's awesome huh!! it's not me amelia and xiu. HAHAH
J.CO date soon
plans after promos: [ LOL, i haven even started hardcore studying for promos yet wts ]
- cooking/ random stuff date at anette's pretty place! maybe we'll invite the guys over at night and we'll cook for them. (y) HAHA. omgosh!
- class chalet on tues! the guys told us the tandas girls will be in charge of cooking. wtb but nvm! it'll be fun. =]] cooking is damn fun when you do it with your friends.
- J.CO yogurt date with melia and xiu. actually we can do the go bugis chill then go P.A. oh but lao shi's not teaching at P.A alr izzit arh?

and yes! looking super forward to my aussie trip ahhhhhhh.
bet you're jealous. HAHAA
nah jk. this week's theme for chapel and devotion is love
love is not proud so i shall not boast. =]

p.s: banana's are awesome detoxify-ers! i kept going to the toilet. maybe i'll visit it again later. LOL.

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