Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i dreamt of the o-u.
got this cute picture from fb. this album called hug a dancer day or something.

anyhow, im depressed! ughh
but anws, i shall start off with i was trying my brother's clothes that my cousin gave
then he went to try this black pants
he looks damn smexy in it but he couldnt buckle not cuz he's fat but he just couldnt. and it was quite short, so it showed off his ankles
that made it even sexier. haha. wah, when he wore it, i was like 'woah, he looks quite good'
kay not my point
so i went to try. fml. i could buckle, but it was damn tight at my thighs!
when my brother wore it, there seemed to be space but it was completely tight for mine. ughhh.
haha, we're going to share clothes! woohoo!

but i think cuz his legs are longer then like, the muscles are more evenly spread. yeah, im delusional.

kay im jk, i wont really get depressed over such stuff luh. haha.

so, how's my life?
so far quite bad. kay, half good half bad i guess
idk... i feel like im semi drowning now. yeah.
BUT! i'm slowly learning how to get myself out of the water =]

oh ya! my pw teacher gave us this small note today. i think it's damn cool
it talks about the paradox of life and it's so true
something like we have taller buildings but shorter tempers.
i cant really remember.
and and.... we have more dual incomes but higher rate of divorce or something.
sleep too late, wake up too tired, watch too much tv, pray too seldom.
love too little, hate too much... etc
that's just the gist of it. HAHA
but the final statement was FAMILY: father and mother i love you. lol
sope! i've gtg bathe and start mugging. hahaha

im kinda fascinated by rocks.

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