Thursday, September 2, 2010


and so! i've edited the few videos we retardedly took at sophy's house.
i think my editing rocks. AHHAHAHAHAHHAH
damn funny, i love the slow mo part and everything.

sakura practice was good today=]
ikr, sakura practice again. we've been doing sakura for so many times alr.
BUT! our first performance in front of the school. so hopefully everything goes as well as today.
there was a huge difference b/w tue's and today's performance level.
i really "STANK" a lot today. hate the sweaty smell.

KAY, gtg make some cards.... maybe.
idk, see how lazy i am first.
i don know what i feel like doing
i feel like feeling liberated from my studies. HAHAHA. lie in the sand and do nothing. kay maybe the sand isnt the most comfortable but something along that line. =]
yknow!! i always tend to plan things in my head. i think i can make a good 'inception' person.
but when things don follow my thoughts [ duh obviously they wont but ] i will feel a little disappointed. HHAHAAH KAYYYY. IM BULLS-ING=]]] see ya dancers 2moro=]

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