Sunday, September 26, 2010


more geishas photos=]

aww i miss yog.

yknow i said i have nothing to look forward to after my promos or something a few posts ago right. i take that back. i cant wait for promos to be over now. i have so many things to look forward to=]

right, i haven mentioned yet. im taking part in the NIKE RACE!!!
hahhaa, woohoo. later i'll get jelly legs like barney [ if you watch HIMYM ]
nah just kidding, im taking part with my class as volunteers.
it's damn cool!! gonna get 25bucks, free shirt, free bag, free breakfast and cip points. who wouldnt wanna join??? HAHAHA. yessssssss

oh and going for 3 sisters too. supporting dancers in that production. =)

i went to sch for 3 hours of human geog consultation yesterday
mr lynn's my fav teacher. he's hilarious!! i have never felt sleepy in his class ever.
well, except for yesterday cuz it was 3 hours long.
met xiu and melia to study later on=]

oh right, i got injured on my first try
i was really excited to do it cuz it's my first
but i guess it's normal to get hurt on the first try cuz that's how we learn and know how to not get injured in the future =)
what are you thinking? i was talking bout climbing over the wall beside the school gate!
it was truly an experience man. MY VERY FIRST TIME. yes, one wish fulfilled. (y)
i scraped my elbow but it was worth it!
means i can paste my princess plaster on that wound. lol

anws, back to the studying with my babies.
it was the MOST SUCCESSFUL studying period i ever had with them
we always end up talking but yesterday, it was serious mugging. haha
they're studying at fusionopolis today i think, but i was too lazy to travel so far.
why no one wants to study at sembawang library! i know, stupid qn.
had dinner with xiu afterwards. wah, yesterday was not her day. lol
BUR-JER KING. hahahahaha.
DIS-A-PPOINTED. HAHAHAHA. appoint me please. -_-
funny you and funny geraldine.
kay inside joke =]

byeee. gonna study human geog.
im blessed with really sweet friends

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