Monday, August 23, 2010

you're a little bit like him.

more peektures from sakura and UCC.=]

do we look alike huh huh huh. hahahah

gay (y)
dance fantasia!
my boobie=]
park told me to teach him a bimbo pose but i think this is more of a sexy pose. HAHHA. park, try harder

karen and xiu
the P.A dudes. hahaha. hello
confidantes. heee
booobie again

crescent dancers!!!! AWWWW
hahah booob you are retarded
nehz uhs!!! that's my name spelt backwards. AHHAHA
omgosh, de cotta was spelling everyone's name backwards today. mine's one of the weirdest and hardest to pronounce. HAHHA. funneh
and sam kept saying "you're going down" today. -_-

math test was er hem, i rather not talk about it. hahaa
just hope i pass.
karen got the YOG video homgosh homgosh homgosh!!
hahaha, it looks awesome.

and i got caught for not letting the light pass through today again
eff. annoyed. grrr
it was innocent to me but whatever, may have seen otherwise but that's how we normally play.

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