Saturday, August 7, 2010

where's the future?

those are some photos. hahhhaha
omgosh, i have 4300 photos on fb now.
there's something i need to do i think, but guess it's not the time now. maybe i'll change my mind too.
i was bad mooding the whole day it's not even funny
i just didnt feel like talking to my family
kept giving them sounds instead of answers if you get what i mean.
but felt slightly better after going out for dinner
but still! i don know
maybe it's slowly piling up. i hope it wont be full soon though
it's killing me slowly inside
too much hw. sucks.
sigh, next week's gonna be tight. performing sakura for the australian people.
we still need to get use to the slight changes in blocking because of ....
i was really @!*(#@ after i heard that but i guess being &*@! wont change the way she behaves either. nothing against her cuz she hasnt done anything bad to me. its just... we'll just have to deal with it and i guess taking her out will benefit us too in some way.

im always back to square one for this other matter.
well, not only me actually i realize.
which is kind of weird.
think you have to wake up and learn. or rather, change!!
i just hope i wake up one day and you've changed.

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