Saturday, August 14, 2010

that bond


old photos karen just uploaded!=]] aww i miss the beginning of this year
back at crescent selling fun o rama tickets. really high that day
dance audition!
selling prata for fun o rama

cross country!
i wonder if i've changed since i came into AC.
before i stepped into AC, everyone was saying that it's a bad influence blah blah
gonna become bitches and sluts there
okay, think we all became more vulgar. HAHA. for me, think im equally vulgar but not extreme. haha
the stereotype is somewhat true i guess. only half cuz the ppl i know arent bitches nor sluts. haha
i don even know why im talking about this.
i guess after the htht i had with the crescent dancers the other day made me suddenly feel like i was still in my sec sch days
it's nice to always have your "old" friends with you, where you can really just do whatever you like cuz they are used to it.
just like when i went back for ballet
i missed yejing SO MUCH. i missed hearing her talking bout her life and swearing away and monkeying around with her during class. we were the craziest in class. HAHAAHAHA.
oh my gosh. i think im having one of it.
like having a sudden emotional outburst, HAHAHAHA
im crapping. k idk.

i miss my old life. period
but, not that my present life is bad or anything. the new friends i made in AC dance ARE AWESOME AS HELL. =]

we had this YOG dance at barker. performed sakura =]]]]] sakura is a super nice dance
bong told me he said the costume and choreography were all in theme. and it felt authentic.
some may say it was more chi dance but it's okay, everyone has their own opinions

some photos kelvin took for us=]

HAHAHA. my hand got caught in the sleeve. i was swearing in my head but i managed to pull it out the very next move. heee(y)
and after that, we went for dinner!
xiu was craving korean food, i was craving for topoki.
HAH but guess what, we didnt order topoki in the end. SMART
im gonna eat topoki the next time.
and of cuz, since we were so near the awesome tao huey shop, we had to erm drop by and eat there. HAHAA.

photos of after performance and dinner time=]

partial heartburn. lol

=)))))) << gay smile
my love! she kept saying my cheek looks damn kissable. hmmm. HHAHHAHA.

and yes!
we still have another yog performance coming up
we'll be performing during the judo games
maybe can catch us on tv. HAHAHA
i have spa next week too
and once again, i hate integration. it makes me feel lousy at math.
and i haven been blogging lately cuz my broadband screwed up on national day. HAHA
but it's fine now!=]

p.s: i like to feel high (not by drugs or alcohol) naturally. makes me feel good.

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