Sunday, August 22, 2010

teddy bears and rabbits
sudden changes
our official sakura performance was brought forward and turned out our "rehearsal" on saturday was the real thing.
we were all caught off guard, a little unprepared but i guess everything went smoothly in the end.
i was feeling slightly more nervous than the barker performance
maybe cuz i know the soft judo mat is a challenge and it is the real thing. idk. it started and it ended. had only a bunch of audiences but it was still a performance.
sakura really brought us closer together and im really thankful for it.
i really enjoyed all the practices we had together. it's a different kind of joy now.

the j1s went to watch dance fantasia together as well, it was amazing.
all the performances were seriously fantastic.=]
when the 6 of them came out, the whole AC bunch just started screaming away. it was really nice.

and i have a math test 2moro
crap 87398172389273
i cant get maclaurin series. UGHHH
plus i have quite a bit of e-learning shit to catch up too
my chem! ahhh. inorganic chem. i cant believe they put that for e-learning. wanna screw us up. ARGH

bye. im going to bed feeling angsty cuz i cant do math. pfffs

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