Thursday, August 26, 2010

taking off~
first thing first, i miss these ppl. sorry if you're not in the picture but you know who you are!!=]]]
and those wonderful times we had planning birthdays for one another.
i think my 16th birthday's gonna be one of my most memorable birthdays ever.

and next, these 2 ladies are like cushions in my life. someone i can fall back on trustingly.
just like the trust fall we had for p.e today. if they were the one catching [ well, not literally, they'll prolly get squashed by me. haha ] i know i'll be safe=]

XIUEYYYY. this girl, HELLO. hahahah. my lynn's hello. LOL. i only got to know you so much better after the jap trip in sec 2 and we both know we've been saying that since forever. haha.
though we arent always together cuz diff classes, but it's like... you don have to talk to that person 24/7 to know they'll be there for you. this applies to the next woman too. haha.
cheer up!=] you know my problems, i know yours, melia knows ours and we know hers. HAHAHA. omgosh, that's quite cool. you were there for me, you have been an awesome friend, really.=] I LOVE YOU!
you inspire me to be nice. HAHAA. im serious. omgosh, i cant believe im saying this.
i thought you were a super nice person since i knew you and i know i was a bitch myself and i wanted to become nice too. LOL.
yep!=] your niceness rocksssss. hahaha
TIME WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. im sure that ache would be gone sooner than you think alright(y)
and of cuz YOUUUU. AMELIA CHA[E]NG. aahhahahah. hmm lets see, where did we start off from. the 7 ppl dance.=] that above logic applies to you completely. i don have to talk to you constantly but we would always be that close. you are one hell of a thinker man. hahaha and im not, so yeah, you do the thinking for me(y) what were OUR nick names back then? : bimbo
HAHA. wtbong. i cant believe it's still stuck with me.
kinda sucks cuz everyone one will think they're talking to an idiot. pffs. but it's not that bad talking to me right!!
hhahaha. i love you=]
we had a couple of arguments here and there throughout these few years of friendship but i still love you. sometimes your personality gets to me but that's you and i have accepted it. HAHA.
this year was really GREAT fun with you doing heartburn. and thanks for being there during my shitty moody times. and to knock sense into me. haha. and for telling me you flirt with my bf!! tsk tsk you arh.
oh and yes! book one day and i'll teach you some make-up stuff. HAHHA. (y)
for those who i did not mention, not that you are not important to me kay. and im glad i knew you guys this year
anette(thanks for all the htht.ilu!! we haven had one for quite long alr though. haha), keefe,(thanks for muffins and rides to school/home and comforting me when im down. thanks bcg!!!) tim(though you annoy me most of the time, trying to trick my innocent mind, thanks for caring)!, josh(HAH. i was the middle man for you two. thanks for making me happy when im down and im honoured to be your match maker!), sk(you're a himbo. hahaha. thanks for always making me laugh =]]]), sophy, vanow, lautner, (tandas girls, you guys are super querky and i like it!! hahaha. lets carry on with our weirdness=]]]]) [argh, im scared i miss out anyone] and of cuz my mum and eld brother.

i had htht with my mum after facial that day
my face was filled with red spots after that, i was super depressed and just wanted to go home straight away.
i also planned to sleep but i was too hungry so i couldnt fall asleep. lol
the squeezing part of painful. but im glad i didnt scream or anything
i just squint my eyes really tight and the person gets it. AHHA
and she kept speaking to me in chinese. i mean i get it but sometimes im in the heh mood so i couldnt really make out what she's saying. my mum told me i totally didnt answer her qn, no link at all.
HAHA. woops.
had hk cafe for dunner. heee.
my face's still kinda red today. sian. hopefully it's better 2moro. HAHA

im feeling frustrated
why is it every time i tell myself something and convinced myself everything's gonna be okay
it dies off so quickly. annoyed with myself.
i need to be like stronger mentally. cuz the mental stuff are the things that really kills you inside you know.
i've placed like reminders on my phone, tried many ways but still doesnt seem to work alot



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