Friday, August 20, 2010

push and pull.

i freaking got my push and pull mixed up. it always happens ahhhh.
we were going out of the library and i saw the word push on both doors.
in my head it says push but i went to pull it instead.
and not only that. i pulled the first door and i thought it was locked, so i tried the other door.
oh and when we were going back into the library
it said pull. in my head i was like "i cannot make the same mistake again. it's a pull, i got it"
and sophy was saying "pull pull" at the back but i still went to PUSH IT.
AHHHHH. why arhhhhh. damn lousy.

kay ya, end of story. hahaha
i stayed over at my ah ma house yesterday=]
i feel like a bad granddaughter.
cuz she went to change to the yog channel and they were showing gymnastics
so i was glued to the tv.
i think she wanted to sleep at 10 or something
but i usually sleep at 12 you see.... but i slept at 11.40 last night luh.
hahaha. this morning was heaven. she really provided me with a lot of food to choose from
i love my ah ma, she spoils me too much.
hahhha. i like ppl to spoil me but im not spoilt i think. HAHA.
im very auntie, just like laura. and we're both really vain. HAHA
amelia was crazy today. kept saying she damn pretty damn cute and start giggling at herself. !!!

oh right, we went for the yog rehearsal today at suntec. WAHHHHH. it's really a challenge to dance on soft mat. so much harder to balance and run. but it still went well i think. we have to run a lot more though, cuz the judo mats are huge.
we got back to school and i helped xiu and jt pluck their eyebrows. they really have so many EXTRA hair around their brows. hahah. but was fun i guess.
crap, im supposed to be doing e-learning but i wanna sleep now.
and we're going down later to UCC to watch yog syf.
we have another rehearsal 2moro.
this busy time will pass soon. *breathes in

anyhooooo. i met yejing the other day. hmmmm..... i forgot which day was it. haha.

yay yay, polariods are pretty + expensive things.
*hint hint.
i tried hinting to my mum but i don know if it worked. hahaha
but arh.. it's quite an expensive investment cuz like 10 films for 12 bucks?
yeah. we had an awesome htht that day bout our bfs. HAHA
super similar situation!!! hahaha. amazed by the coincidence. i guess there are only these few types of (general)category for guys, and for girls as well.
well sister, we still have each other(y) haha

and some insane pw photos. the rest are on fb. it's really omega.
BUT! we still did our pw! so we are having fun while doing work. that's the way! [ uh huh uh huh, i like it, uh huh uh huh ]
dont they look like ghosts! hahahaha. funneh
our group! sam looks outcasted. AHHAHAHA
i shall go remove my make up now and take a half an hour nap then bathe and do e-learning and get out of my house
eh i cant find my 2 maxi dresses. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.
they are supposed to be the easiest to find cuz they are super long but ughhh
maybe my mum kept it....

should have paid more attention to those warnings

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