Saturday, August 28, 2010

on the edge

omgosh, i still remember we had this qn "what does the author meant when he said on the edge..."
something like that and my answer was way off. AHHHAA
i said something bout committing suicide. but i forgot what the real answer was.
and amanda was laughing her ass off. she loves to read my compre answers cuz it's always retarded. but hehs, i still got my A.

im wasting my time away. i only started like 10% of my geog thingum.
shiat. but i don have the mood to study now.

keziah's birthday surprise. hahaha. a bit failed though

yup you're right=] =]

someone, just force me into my room and make me study. ugh
oh yes! my ah ma's laksa rocks my socks.
sophy was saying "whatever rocks your boat" to vanow the other day and i wanted to be creative. MUAHAH. so i said " whatever peels your banana"
it was a super innocent statement but sophy thought i meant something sick. WTBONG.
a few more that i came up with:
"whatever licks your lollipop" "whatever curls your lashes" < oh i like this one best. HAHAHA
kay back to the laksa.
crap, i digress alot and crap, i've been saying crap a lot cuz lautner says it all the time.
yea, my mum asked if i wanted to go walk about since we're out
so i was like ok... planned to go bugis but changed our mind and wanted to go causeway point
but aiya long story short, my mum was at clementi and our aunt wanted to send us there but we took so long to find my mum that we decided not to go in the end.
i wanted to come home and study but look at what im doing!! PHAIL.

i have this metallic and bright red nail polish on. haha.
loving it.
but my mind's gonna explode soon omgosh someone save me now
i miss zen.

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