Wednesday, August 4, 2010

not like the movies

photos at melia's condo=]


it was super cold + windy that day and i caught the flu bug the very next day
HAHA, i still blamed it on my brother for passing his bug to me
still have slight block nose and all but slowly recovering!
cant wait for the long hols this weekend. heee

we had AGM today.
annual general meeting.
it went quite okay=]
i swear we were freaking out at first cuz alot of things werent like okay.
but everything turned out fine in the end so good job guys!=]

hmmm, let's see, we played floorball today
quite fun.(Y) and it's always guys vs girls. HAHAA
i got smacked by the ball on my neck today
it was damn painful when it first hit me
my tears were like at the brink of my eyes alr. but after awhile, the pain died off
but after that game, i asked sophy to help my see, and she took a picture with her phone.
it looked like someone punched me in the neck. haha
or rather, it looked like a hicky ( love bite )
i let my p.e teacher see and he said "it looks like a....."
and he stopped there. i completed his sentence by saying "love bite"
he just laughed and walked away-_-

im wasting too much time here
but well, reward myself after phys test today. HAHA
night guys=]
and all the best to the J2s! STUDY HARD!

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