Monday, August 30, 2010

get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans addicted to teenage dreams. hahaha. video at the left hand side of my blog.
but it'll prolly only last for a week or so

i wonder if any crescent dance juniors read my blog. cuz if you do, pls let me know when you guys are having dance practices during sept hols or something so we can go back to visit=]]

yup aside that...
im screwed
i was so happy, i thought i had no hw to do and wanted to be a good girl and do phys tut but NOOO, i have geog essay to do. grrr

i think i had pms on sunday. i hope it was!!
luckily it wasnt today or i would have made the day really bad for everyone.
kay gtg do my stupid geog essay.

p.s: after 2 months! FINALLYY. heee=]]]

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