Monday, August 9, 2010

according to you

mr tay inspired pose

went too arab street/haji lane today with my family
think cuz my mum promised to bring me shopping since 3 weeks ago. that's why she was being nice.
hahahha nah jk
i think i had pms yesterday anws
ho ho

well anws! bought new pair of shoes and another maxi dress.
hahaha. i want a straw hat.
we snacked at mosi cafe=] the potato wedges there are NICE.
and their mint teapot is erm... special. haha. very sweet
super loads of sisha stalls there.
there was this shop with a cat inside
oh my mama, it's the cutest thing alive
ahhhh, just wanna cuddle it. fat and so well behaved. just wanna hug it to bed.
but too bad it was sleeping when we went into the shop
had bak ku teh for dinner! (y)
but cuz we snacked at mosi cafe, i was still damn full, so i just drank the soup with you tiao and all. hahaha. still awesome
took a long bus ride back after but i suggested starbucks so we got off the bus and went to ssc for coffee.
walked home from ssc afterwards.
okay! i need to go remove the stubborn mascara and eyeliner that's still on my eye.

p.s: i wanted to meet you today

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