Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Turnt up

AHHH. KYLE HANAGAMI!! kelvin posted this video link on my wall and i went to check it out.
this choreographer is damn good!! and plus point is that he's quite hot. hahahha

BEAST WAS ON entertainment on 5 just now. omega, gi kwang is like !! even my mum was going slightly crazy over him. kept saying he's damn handsome. ahahha. he said he like to gym so he did some push-ups on the show. HAHAHA. THE FIRST ONE TO APPEAR IN THE VIDEOOOOOO

got my foot thongs!!=]]]
went to buy it after school today cuz i think i threw my foot thongs away with my clothes bag...

oh p.e was awesome today. boys vs girls. 4-3. HAHAHA. k, it started off with 4 boys vs 14 girls at the start but after that, the guys came back after their run and even our p.e teacher joined the guys. HAHHAA. omgosh, one of our goals was a home goal. FUNNEH.
arghhh, needa pay for more stuff again. =[ SAVE SAVE SAVE.
oggay! enjoy the videos=]]]

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