Saturday, July 17, 2010


i was face booking just now and i realized crez awards this year is over alr.
think it was last friday. UGHHH
no one told me=[ wanted to go watch. and it's much cheaper than acjc's productions. HAHA, so i can afford it.

my mum promised me shopping today but once again, it didnt work out
have to go to my cousin's new shop later
and we all have no idea what kind of shop his shop is.
LOL. joke

pw meeting 2moro at vanow's house. OMGOSH YA, need to send them some email.
woopsey. damn loads of shit hw to do and to UNDERSTAND too

heartburn dinner was funny.
we were playing this ilust game on wc's phone. HAHAHA.
k, let me explain the game. we are supposed to be this "guy" and we need to oogle at this big-boobs-lady w/o letting her catch us. hahaha. omgosh, only wh and i manage to win.
the food at wendy's suck actually. LOL.
oh! we played "i never" . me and wc won. woohoo. sebby was like "i didnt know you're so guai"
HAHAHA. yesh! wh died the first, as usual. haha. badass boy.
anette kept annoying wc the whole time. HAHA. josh and anette kept going around poking ppl's ear with paper.

anws, sakura dance prac was damn good! it went damn fast.
now we're left with cleaning up! so yay=]]]]
thanks sheryl kat and yiling for spending their time again to reblock and all.
and to those who are dancing too^^

kay need to bathe now, dad has been nagging since 1 hour ago. HAHA

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