Sunday, July 11, 2010


more photos=]
missing amanda khoo and vicky

DIAN DEAR=] i wanted a photo with dian but as usual, everyone RAN towards us to take a picture too but keziah zoomed in to me and dian only. HAHAHAHA. (y)

nisa, aishah, me, keziah=]
and photos from oli's lomo!
fun o rama

gp field trip. hahahasleeping during a long break at the library=]]]
my plan kept changing in the morning
supposed to meet at 1030 to go pq's house to surprise her but they said she had piano. so i didnt plan to go cuz it was too late but in the end it was cancelled so i went.
met kanice at outram mrt first before walking there=]
then met ys below pq's house. HAHAHA omgosh, we're so stupid
we walked past her house talking loudly. and pq was using the mirror that's like beside the door and she heard familiar voices
so she peeped through the peep hole and saw me.
hahahah. phailed surprise. but still! she was surprised to see me at the door. HAHAHA

sorry i didnt join you guys after that!

supposed to go for cat high's homecoming (that would be my 4th time going) but the movie was at 2 so couldnt make it. haha
met him at ps instead cuz it's nearer to outram but hoho! still couldnt make it for the 2pm show so we bought tickets for the 430 one instead.
went to play bishi bashi before lunch.
I OWNED YOU. =] HAH. ahhaha. k nvm, cuz it's the new one and i played before. PLAY AGAIN! hahaha.
ate at hk cafe=] but idk why i had no appetite. but he ate SO MUCH, as usual
went to spotlight. reminded me of the time i went with xiu. he said his cloth thing damn ugly.
and it's mine. AHHAHA. nehnehs.

woohoo. i actually picked up 'angel' but i saw princess and it was just perfect. HAHAHA.
look, my email add is right there
this is the grades i got so far. SIGH
anws, if you're planning to browse at spotlight for a long time, bring a jacket cuz it's so cold there.
we were trying to gain warmth from some furry stuff. hahaha.
after that we still had some time till 430 so we went into this sword shop. woah, i love that shop man. has a super nice smell. HAHAA. kay fine, the swords and guns are pretty cool too. from movies and all. (y)
then i forgot what shop was it but they were selling those jap figurines. hentai much. not hardcore but still. haahhahaa.
all damn large if you know what i mean.

then he went to collect the free popcorn after that and i went to the ladies. i came out, half the popcorn was gone.
but before that thought could come out, he said he dropped it. HAHAHA.
nehmind, we were both quite full anws.
we caught despicable me! HAHAHAHHA. FUNNY.
now i understand why so many ppl are saying 'it's so fluffy im gonna die!'
anyhow, i really enjoyed yesterday=]

"i cannot tank very sweet stuff"
"ohh means you cannot tank me"
HAHAHAHA. omgosh anette, yeah we are so corny.
oh but guess what he said after
"you're not sweet, you're oily"
so nice of you. =] AHHAHA

met my family for dinner. i think my dad made money from soccer
treat us to some buffet
shocking. HAHAHA k, shall not be so badass
the ma la soup was insane.
i thought it'll be like normal spicy but it's so spicy my tongue almost went numb.
the oil's the culprit. so yes! dinner was awesome too=]

i went for a run today at 3pm. insane me
i came back soaked. i was feeling damn faint while walking back luh. hate that feeling. my whole body was burning up cuz of the heat.
and my dad bought fried chicken for lunch somemore. WTB.
2moro.... impt stuff awaits me.
i needa go do some admin now too!
oh but first, mop the floor.

OH WAIT! yeah fridayyy
9th july =] my butterfly's one month old. haahaha
there was no dance that day=[ gahhhh
but went for passion ac after with the dancers=]]]
i like those songs that i know! hahhaa, but they only played 2 i know so hmmm... HAHHA
oh and yeah, i freaking forgot to bring my specs on fri. it was a lecture filled day and i felt damn crappy the whole day. blind bird.
i was planning to wear my contacts but that morning, i forgot so many things.
during chem, i just sat in front myself. haha
and when i said in front, i meant REALLY at the front. cuz i really couldnt see anything!
omgosh, im summarizing everything up like crazy.
class bonding was funny during that short break.
i believe i can crack good jokes k.

k, i really have to go mop the floor. HAHAHA

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