Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stay sweet
that's the awesome strawberry snow ice!!
it's super cool. like it doesnt become nothing in your mouth. like when you mash everything up like what sophy did in the end, it just looks like strawberry sorbet. haha
omgosh, climbing up and down the stairs was HORRIBLE.
think i stretched my thigh muscles too much when i went to P.A. it's awfully painful to walk down the stairs especially. arghhh. i like the lift=]

i've been blogging quite often lately cuz i go out and have time to blog
but might change soon!
k, got back my math and chem paper. passed both. im happy with that i guess.
and it felt so empty today
usually on a tues, i would be meeting melia after school excitedly and then go to the CPA and dance. hmmm
just sucks that i had so much fun last semester and everything is changing now. must get over the honeymoon period.

k, fb sucks, it's lagging like mad, shall give up uploading the P.A photos for now first.
imma gonna have my dinner now.

p.s: screw my mind

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