Saturday, July 31, 2010



some pw discussion day when i brought my hp mini to school=]

inter house games day. this is my base class. a lab=]
me and bimb.
lil distorted photo. HAHA. laura, anette, zhen
okay, after the bombardment of photos
im gonna start my post!
flea market day!! my first time going to a flea market. i told ss and sophy and both of them were like "are you serious"
and i don usually go to clark quay
sophy told me she thought im those who goes for this kind of things often.
cant tell that im a loser right. AH HAH. not bad
it's just, my cousins give me alot of their clothes. HAHA. so yeah, don really need to go out shopping. even what i wore today was from my cousin=]
the first photo! woohoo. maxi dress =]]
i love it!! bought it at the flea market for 40 bucks
the girl told me it was originally 120. idk, i'll take that half halfheartedly
anyhow, i like it alot! hahah
have been finding one for quite long.
it makes me look long and skinny, so it's a keeper. haha
was really sunny there though. i bought new earrings too
cuz i lost mine in the pool. hahaha
we went to chinatown first though. sophy wanted to get koi. haha
i got big gulp instead cuz it's BIGGER AND CHEAPER.

going to melia's house to study 2moro. hopefully it'll work out cuz i have so much to do!
i wasted today=[
okay, the only thing i did was chi and PW.
better than nothing.
GTG! i don feel tired at all even though it's like 11.45
weird. i shall do some.... math/chem/geog/phys.
eenie meenie minee mo. MATH. haha
aiya, i shall see=]

my music player keeps on playing "so close" and "time for miracles"
damn retarded! i think cuz i have alot of edited versions and yes, i need to delete some away.
watch bailamos just now!
was a little painful to watch some parts. LIKE MY FALL
terrible *(@!^#(*^@#*
and seeing wardrobe malfunction and all. i want second day's performance!
but heartburn was okay i guess. haha

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