Thursday, July 29, 2010


kay, not mine, my brother's
he was feeding his fishes as usual when he suddenly gave a LOUD "OH"
and he stood there looking super stunned.
hahahha. then he told us what happened.
i was pretty traumatized. it's damn gross.
you can still see the goldfish bulging out from the catfish's tummy. UGHHH yuckkk.
busy busy busy!
but going to a flea market this sat!=]]
at old school or something. not very sure myself. hahha
shopping (y) with sophy and vanow=]

interhouse games was funny. it wasnt too bad luh. at least it was crazy with the dancers.
went to wah chee for dinner after that and went to watch the drama showcase. haha
but most of us left after the first 2 acts cuz it was quite late alr.

okay! damn rush, i just finished my second draft of eom. need to do some gp outline essay NOWWW
wanna sleep
OH YES! swim p.e today. finally. but....
hahaha. i was a zombie the whole freaking day.
everyone asked me if i was alright.
sleeping while walking (y) hahaha
and i lost my earring=[ the black studded one. siannn. now my earlobe feels so smooth. HAHAHA.

kay! bye =]]]

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