Saturday, July 24, 2010


met my class at clementi mrt in the morning
but some were taking quite long to come so sam, lynn, me, sophy, vanow went to subway for sam's breakfast. he gave me and lynn his subway cookie! woohoo=]]] my awesome double choc chip (y) i think im the only one who like that in my family.
ss [ inspiration from sophy's shirt. HAHA ] used to not like it cuz it's too sweet but i said it's nice and he buys it now! but there are still many different things we like and don like.
he LOVESSS sashimi. most ppl do i guess, but i don like raw stuff
he likes egg yolk, i hate egg yolk.
i don like plain white rice, he loves it.
i like tomato, he hates it.
but i told him it's good! so we don have to fight for food. HAHA.

k, digressed.... sorry. AHAHHA
k skip skip! we were splitted up
so me, lynn, sophy and vanow walked to the west coast council to meet our leader, albert
shall cut out all the admin stuff, i paired up with lynn=]
the first blk. hmmm..... a bit of the scary
the lanes were so narrow and it was dark and it smelt weird
we all knocked the doors with a bit of fear. HAHA
vanow and sophy said they saw this guy w/o any clothes on. HAHAHA
but we collected alot from that block.
there was this boy (6-7 yrs old)....
he opened the door, i asked him if he has any newspaper, he shook his head and close the door
so i walked away
but as i did, he opened the door again, so i walked back, thinking he changed his mind.
but when i approached him, he started to close the door
and it went on a few times. haha
but ya, a bit funny.
this guy gave us his cai shen ye!! HAHAHAH. damn funny
he gave us his new steamboat thingum also. and there was this other guy who gave his guitar
but all of that cannot be recycled, so we put at the side.

after the first blk, we went to sumo house for lunch.(y)
damn fulll
blah blah blah
2nd blk was fast. 3rd was tedious!!
we did like 4 storeys. damn tiring.
and there was this room
i think like some scholars rented the house or something cuz there were all guys inside
like the guy opened the door and i did my awesome speech and he said he'll go back to check
so he closed the door again and i went to help lynn first. he opened the door again and said they throw their newspaper away alr but it was quite hard to understand his accent.
then another guy popped out behind him. so i just said thank you and walked away and join lynn.
i turned back cuz i heard the door open again and another guy popped out to like see who we are.
hahahha. the last block was the most fun though. got alot of cute toddlers!

this is us, group 8=]

and we decided to climb the tree. HAHA. no wait, vanow suggested it. LOL

and we went to MOS to chill=]

and that concludes today!
i didnt join the class for dinner cuz i was pokkai. AHAH
today was quite cool. new experience=]

oh this was the day i didnt bring my specs to school. sit in front like a loner squinting at the board. great
i bathed them a few days ago (y) but no one dared to smell them. haha. but the smell is wearing off alr.

1SD1 . thanks audrey for taking this photo!
my lynn pose. thanks melia for taking these photos!
the you zhuan pose. HAHHA
ah gong's birthday 2moro
my muscle's aching like mad
omgosh ya, yesterday's tech class was painfully awesome
had dinner with the dancers after dance. ^^
i shall go cut my newspaper articles alr.
8 plus more to go!!!!!!
AND PW. =/

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