Friday, July 30, 2010

hey beautiful ones!

my emotions went on a roller coaster ride today
i was still happy and all till after math lecture
i was walking down lt2 when chen rui suddenly asked me if i knew what happened to melia
he told me she fell down in the drain and it was pretty bad
so i went to ask geraldine bout it. apparently, she walked backwards and didnt see the drain and hit her shin onto the edge of the drain. OUCH. yes.
eeek. pretty bloody and gross according to ppl who saw it. karen took a photo of it, wanna see it. HAHAA.
but after that, i saw mah but he didnt know. so i was like half hoping maybe chen rui and geraldine was trying to play a prank on me
but when i went down for my break.
i saw xiu, anette, keefe, gladys... all the dancers
and they heard bout it, so it must be true! i was feeling so worried at that point. hahaa
i texted melia and when she told me what happened, i told her she's crazy x2
LOL. but anws, she says she's okay now so phew! pretty bad wound though

and pw teacher ruined my day. super PMS. told us in our face we cant get an A.
she isnt like that usually, don know what got into her. sigh
sophy left after chem lecture cuz her tummy had been hurting since math lecture and she was going for physiotherapy.
everyone's getting injured it's so scary

i got my old injury back during dance. haha. that stupid sprain around the groin area.
really sucks to sprain it there.
cant stretch properly. i sprained it during the bailamos period where i have to do super lots of kicks and splits. hahah
think stretch wrongly or something.
tech class was awesome as usual=]
wasnt as painful as last week though, hahaha. think cuz our bodies are slowly getting use to it (y)
i loved the last routine! we danced in the dark and my vision became damn bad. HAHHA. night blindness..
it was like dancing with your eyes semi closed. it felt really good though.
i planned to go back to collect my ballet cert today but don think i could have made it back there in time anws. and there isnt ballet next fri so i will have to wait till next next week! so long after.
my mum came to pick me up in a cab after dance. HAHAA. that made me feel quite blissful. lmao.
cuz i don have to walk to my ah ma house alone or don have to go back home via mrt alone. it's a super tehhh feeling. haha. cuz i live so far away.

fb's damn lag now. haha
i planned to do some pw but it's 12am! must stick to my 12 plan. heee
flea marketing 2moro=]
at clark quay cuz the one behind p.s is apparently canceled
woohoo!! we're going to chinatown to find cheap good food. HAHA.
kay! i shall wake up earlier to do my work.
weekends... i feel relieved yet stress at the same time. lol
i used to look forward to weekends last time. too much hw!

take care you bimbo!
i love you and you.

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