Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i need more strawberries!
i feel banana. i need papaya to orange
i get rambutan when i guava. durian just don mango mango
hopefully this is just the dragonfruit before the peach
im trying my lemon, lime-ing but i hope it'll watermelon
not pear-ing on grape. i shall apple mangosteen-ly

Hahahaha omgosh. guess where i got that inspiration from
pineapple. code word for bastard in my class cuz lynn cant say the word bastard.
me and vanow have nicks for our satellites/lily and stars/sally.
omgosh, i bet you guys feel WTBONG now with what im writing. (y)

2moro swim p.e!!! and class photo shoot. hahaha
oh yes, listening compre today
we went to wah chee for lunch before it started
my invigilator sucked. that's all you have to know
rude and everything. like everyone owes him something. pfffs

oh btw! my mum scalded her calf from the exhaust pipe from the motorcycle
looks damn painful. ughhh =[
yuck. asked her to go see a doc, but seems like she don want. just like my ah ma. sigh
cip-ing this sat! collecting recyclable materials. LOL.

p.s: it's tough =[ i really don know how=[

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