Monday, July 19, 2010

cooler than me

kyle hanagami danced to this song, now it's stuck in my head.
the glee song "somebody to love" or something like that is stuck in my head too!
went to vanow's house for pw meeting on sun
and had a mini class gathering at the end. HAHAHA
damn retarded.
vanow can sing! omgosh, mesmerized by her guitar skills and voice. hahaha

her parents cooked seafood pasta for us. whee=]]

okay ya, those awesome photos taken by vanow's daddy!
her house damn cool. filled with photos of them since young. HAHAH
heartwarming much.
sam was being retarded. he thinks he's damn good cuz he knew how to play 6 6 5 4 something on the guitar. and when i was busy doing the pw, he said he wanted to motivate me. so he used the toy guitar and said "shuzhen~~ good job~~" his so-call singing. hahahhaa

okie dokes! oh ya, im a wardrober of ac dance 10/11. =]]]
with shao and jillian! (y)
and sorry sophy!!! i'll find another date to go swimming with you =[
i was the one who dragged you and asked you but i cant make it in the end. sigh.

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